January 8, 2017

Happy New Year (Hawaiian Time)

Hawaii is known for its laid back pace and "Hawaiian time". This tongue in cheek phrase refers to locals always arriving to parties, graduations, birthdays, etc a little after the actual start time. This delay could range anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. It's my way of segueing into this rather admittedly late post marking the first photographic shoot for 2017. Even that is not totally honest. I had hoped to get out New Year's Day to Sandy Beach, but it was pushed back until the 2nd. It was a state holiday, so it still felt a bit "new yearish". 

I dutifully set the alarm for 5:00 am and after that inevitable battle between wanting to stay in bed and shooting sunrise, I downed a cup of coffee, got in my car, and headed to the east side of Oahu.

Sitting in a dark lot, parked near a seedy looking white van always makes me question the sanity of these early morning shoots. But as the sun slowly begins to peek over the horizon, the thrill of setting up for a shot, knowing that I have a short window to photograph the "golden hour" always makes it worthwhile. 

After getting the shots I needed, I switched out lenses in case I found some people who wouldn't mind me taking their photo. I was lucky and found a bunch of cool folks who were gracious and kind enough to pose for me. Hawaii's diverse mix of races and cultures is always a strong reminder of the incredible creativity of our God. I can't imagine a day where photographing this island's landscapes and people would grow old or stale! May the good Lord bless everyone in 2017!

                     (Photographs copyright 2017 Len Yokoyama)

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