December 6, 2016

Notable and Quotable: Dr. Alveda King

"Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, once said colored (sic) people are like weeds; they need to be exterminated" 

Dr. Alveda King, 
director of Civil Rights for the Unborn 
                  (Niece of Martin Luther King Jr.)


The Monk said...

Although what you're saying is important, its really disgusting how you're using a significant cause that affects the safety of a lot of people for your own agenda. It's interesting how you only seem to care about racism when it comes from the founder of Planned Parenthood. You have a number of recent entries on your blog telling people of color to submit to a president elect who built his entire campaign on capitalizing on racism in white america, claiming the existence of racism towards white people, etc. But the only time you have written anything regarding the safety and well being of people of color is because 100 years ago, Margaret Sanger said colored people are like weeds. That would be a worthwhile place to start looking into whether the racism involved in the foundation of Planned Parenthood is still ingrained in the institution, but you didn't do any of that. It's almost as if you only care about racism because it conveniently fits into your ulterior motive.

In regards to that ulterior motive, I'm sure you disagree with Planned Parenthood for their stance on abortions. And you're entitled to that opinion! But you're not entitled to control what millions of people do with their bodies. I'm sure you've heard a lot of this information before and I'm not going to change your opinion, but Planned Parenthood provides a lot of services other than abortions, and if they were to be made illegal, abortions would still continue to happen, just not in safe, clean, clinics.

Mark Taft said...

Dear Monk- Thank you for writing. I am not racist in the least. I have many friends who are of a variety of races, backgrounds, religious beliefs and sexual lifestyle choices. I find it interesting that you would choose to come to the thought of me being racist by the entries on the blog. I appreciate your freedom of speech as you appreciate mine. Thank you for that! We all have agendas. These are based on viewpoints we hold dear to us for a variety of reasons. I am against abortion. The "Liberal Left" has an agenda as does the "Righteous Right". And everyone in between. You have an agenda and so do I. It's human nature whether we realize it in ourselves or just in others. Thank you for reading! I mean that. I often read articles and posts from people I do not agree with. It gives me a better understanding of people as humans, each unique and worth value. Sometimes they even change my thoughts on an issue. I hope you keep reading- and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!