December 23, 2016

Another Tennessee Christmas

Clearly, Amy Grant loves Christmas- and why wouldn't she? As a Christ follower, the season is a celebration of Jesus coming to earth in the form of a baby to die on a cross for the sin of man. In our place, paying a price we can't pay.

As a singer, this has to be like Amy's 7th or so collection of songs both sacred and secular. The rarest being a collection recorded with Art Garfunkel in about 1986- hard to find but worth it. 

The first of many Amy Grant Christmas albums.

This album contains her update on the classic Tennessee Christmas, recorded first in 1983 and written by Amy and ex-husband Gary Chapman.  There's also her take on Baby, It's Cold Outside with husband Vince Gill, and finally a version of White Christmas

There are many, many songs I love from her multitude of albums, but Christmas Lullaby (I Will Lead You Home) from A Christmas to Remember probably ranks as my favorite ever. Akin to the classic  I'll Be Home for Christmas, there's a tender sweetness and innocence to the lyric and melody that makes it instantly memorable.

Don't misunderstand: Tennessee Christmas has a charm all its own. But it's a charm that comes from years of living through both good and hard times, a sweet melancholy that this new grandmother (!) now understands at a level her younger self never did. Bless you, Amy- and thanks for another special recording.

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