October 26, 2016

Timeless Shows Potential

What on earth could Abraham Lincoln, Frank Sinatra, and James Bond have in common? The answer: Seeds for a potentially captivating television series.

After the disappointment of what happened to Castle- an end of a series less than idyllic- I was skeptical we would find a television show of much interest, something with substance, humor, heart, and style. Then along came Timeless

Missing the first half of the premier episode was not a good way to begin judging a show for long term viewing. As my wife turned the channel to it, I was captured by the late 30's focused episode about the Hindenburg. Granted, the music of the era is truly timeless and the fashions beyond cool (the fedora is still being worn today), but I was still not 100% sold. 

Abigail Spencer's Lucy Preston is a likable if nervous history professor turned spy. She balances a fine line between compelling and not yet being the focus of the show. On the other end of the spectrum, Wyatt, played by Matt Lanter, started off written as fairly one dimensional. The most interesting of the trio so far is RufusMalcolm Barrett's hero caught in the middle of some spy on spy melodrama. 

I was satisfied enough to give the show a second viewing... and a third, and a fourth. The series continues to get more interesting as the characters grow richer, deeper, more complex. The artistic direction is beautifully done, and the tales increasingly of interest- even if history is altered a la Forrest Gump

Overall, it's not Beckett and Castle, but it is what it is. Who knows? It could end up being a favorite of mine. With likable characters, stylish representation, growing humor, and limitless ideas to draw from, the series could last awhile. The possibility of it becoming this fan's favorite new show increases each week. Unlike so many others, I'm happily willing to give this one a chance. 

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