July 8, 2016

Broken America

Orlando. Baton Rouge. Dallas. San Bernadino. Aurora. These are just the cities on our country, not even looking outside at the world- and I can't list them all. It goes on and on, and the senseless violence  never seems to end. Today, it hit me hard as I woke up to the news.

Is this the world that cries out for peace but practices hatred and violence? I guess so. 

But who do we go to in our time of need? Who do our prayers reach? As a nation, we have intentionally removed God from as many places as possible. Schools, government, business- and that list goes on and on as well.

Gods' great gift of love to a people He created is Jesus Christ- his son given sacrificially over the death for the payment of sin. All that is evil, God paid the price for on our behalf. We concurrently reject Him and yet cry out for Him to do something when our world is falling apart. 

Are we like the ancient peoples of Israel who rejected Him and instead made false gods out of wood, stone and metal? Absolutely. Is He still waiting for us to truly turn to Him and turn away from our sin? Absolutely? Will our nation do it? Maybe. Will you do it? 
It all starts one person at a time.

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