April 6, 2016

The Gap Between Political Correctness and Being Over Sensitive

 Where was the outcry from the politically correct crowd when the top GAP ad appeared years ago? There's certainly one now for the photo below.

Two different girls resting their arm on a friend's head, but one is black, and one is white. Oh, I get it...

This is the same group of people that don't understand why folks should use the restroom of the group they share the same genitalia with. Or the ones who always cry "foul" when they think they are being abused. Political correctness leads to stupidity. Kindness and common sense are never out of season, however.

We've become a nation of cry babies, overgrown little kids who whine when they can't accept the world if it doesn't look like they want it to. Sex issues get preference. Race issues get preference. Those with spiritual convictions do not. Oh, I get it.

(Photographs copyright The GAP.)

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