April 19, 2016

Denver Dining Club

There's been an interesting turn of events in my life, beginning a food revolution of sorts on my weekly schedule. The doors have been opened, and I'm happily walking right through them. 

A new friend wants to meet weekly for lunch, and he wants to explore some new and old favorite restaurants in our city. 

Sounds fun- and fattening. Below are my reviews of our first three meals. I'm far from a foodie, so forgive my lack of proper terms. Enjoy!

Bagel Deli
The first location chosen was my friend's, and he wanted me to check out one of his local favorites. This place rocks the deli world and rightly earned it's place as a treasured spot long before Guy Fieri brought it to the nation's attention on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

On his recommendation, I started with the Matzo Ball Soup. The liquid part of the soup perfectly complemented the ball which had the slightest taste of vanilla at the end. My main course was an old favorite sandwich: Pastrami. The slices were wonderfully thin and cooked perfectly. The bread was homemade, and the accompanying cole slaw delicious. I can't wait to go back!

Saigon Fusion
For week two, I let him choose again as he had chosen oh so well the week before. If two weeks of winners in a row is any indication, this guy has great taste!

Pho is the house favorite and the order of the day for just about everyone who ate there that afternoon. I chose the meatball and beef version. Surprised by the huge bowl that came my way at a very reasonable price, I dug into the fresh spices, sauces, and vegetables which were added to turn up the heat and flavor. The spring rolls were terrific, but nearly as enjoyable as the conversation that went with it.

Blackbird Public House
Week three meant it was my turn to show my chops. Bordering Wash Park (Washington Park, for you not acquainted with Denver), the Blackbird is a fairly new pub in place of another that was formerly there. My recommendation: The Pub House Burger. 

A nice slab of high quality beef was lightly slathered in a rosemary aoli, cheese of choice, with an incredible topping of candied bacon. Yes, truly candied bacon- the kind the sugar content not only caramelizes the meat but also leaves a small layer of sugar lining on the edge. Mouthwatering! My friend enjoyed it just as much as I did. With a side of crisp fires, it was a great combination. Filling enough I was without hunger pangs for dinner.

So, that's it for the first three meals. I hear Indian is next on our list, and I have yet to have a really good Indian meal...

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