February 21, 2016

Shine, Shine, Shine

What a Night to Shine! One of my closest friends worked with his church to host a prom for special needs folks of all ages on Friday February 12. With 200 or so churches sponsoring the events, attendees were treated to an evening of music, gifts, games, making it all a night fit for a king or queen. The Tim Tebow Foundation also helped pay for some of it. 

In my friend's church, over 500 volunteers blessed their local communities by loving on the kids and their caretakers. Say what you will, but it says much about this football hero's heart that his foundation would present this event. A real man of God who lives his life for Christ! What a c interest to so many on the field who serve themselves often at the expense of the people around them. What to go, Tebow! And thank you, Professor...

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Len said...

God has great plans for Tim Tebow...you can see it!