January 7, 2016

Rare Disney Images from the New York Public Library

A very large series of photographs have been made public domain from the New York Public Library. Thousands up on thousands, including these related to Walt Disney.

First up, above, looks to be a cigarette ad for Mitchell's Cigarettes. Certainly fully of irony 50 years after his passing, but definitely of historic value.

Disneyland's iconic Golden Horseshoe. A most appropriate image to have on file if any of Walt'd beloved park and an opening day fan favorite attraction.

Walt Disney World has not been left behind either. Here's the Hall of Presidents, an opening day attraction in Walt Disney World. It was one of the must-see presentations in the park when attractions such as the Mickey Mouse (Musical) Revue were also still around.

EPCOT Center's Spaceship Earth. Futuristic elegance defined.

Two great vintage postcards from guests. The second one is worth reading. Click on all these for the largest size, by the way.

The man as I prefer to remember him. Thank you, Walt, and thank you New York Public Library for sharing these!

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