December 9, 2015

War Criminals

It's time to face the facts: We are in a very real war whether or not our President wants to admit it. There is a necessary truth to a nation protecting its people as there is to the Biblical admonition to take care of refugees. What is the exact solution? I'm not sure, but this I know: The American people have had enough, and all of our president's "soft" talk is not part of the solution- only the problem.


Alain Littaye said...

Mark, Even if Obama may seem to have a « soft talk » the actions may be less soft. I’ve read recently that the U.S did more than 2000 bombings ( more or less ) over ISIS in Syria since they’ve started months ago. And you can be sure that all U.S informations agencies are working hard trying to find the potential islamist extremists in the U.S. What i think is that Obama is trying to avoid a psychosis situation in the U.S as the drums of war can lead to others mistakes. Even if Saddam Hussein was a monster let’s not forget that without the Bush wars in Irak it won’t be the mess that it is right now over there, a mess that ISIS and others used to arrive at the situation we have now. So it’s a much more complicated story than it may seem.

Now, yes, we are at war with the ISIS criminals, and we had recently in France our share of horror. But even with that more people in France ( or the U.S ) will die this year of any other cause of death than a terrorist attack. In two words, it’s time to be rational and see that the percentage of chances to die in a terrorist attack are very low. It’s not of course a reason to don’t do anything and we must stop these bastards by any means but let’s not panic, as panic can lead to bigger mistakes, as we’ve seen in the past.

That said, i read last week that in fact there was a « mass « attack ( i. e at least four people hit or killed ) EACH day in the U.S since the beginning of the year but that it now became so common that medias only talk about the « big » mass murders ( or when there is a racial issue possibly involved in the murder ). Which mean that americans have much more chances to die under the bullets from another american than from any ISIS fundamentalist. I won’t get in the question of the guns control as there is already 300 million guns owned by Americans ( good or bad ) and even is they stopped selling weapons right now these 300 Million guns will still be in circulation, so on a certain point of view the situation is screwed.

Mark Taft said...

Thanks for writing Alain. It is certainly a complicated mess! I will say that in conversations with many people I know in the military (differing branches and varying ranks, some quite high), not a single person serving has anything positive to say about Mr. Obama and all cite the ways he has significantly weakened the military and our position in the world. Even my friends from European countries tend to agree on this point, as does a dear friend in Israel and others in Afghanistan. It has also come to light that commentators in Egyptian television are frustrated with the president and his lack of true wisdom in the situation (see my post
Certainly something must be done about the shootings we are experiencing. If nothing else, it proves morality i the US seems to be at a low point. The ongoing de-valuing of human life is distressing and a certain reflection of an "anything goes" mentality.

Alain Littaye said...

Well, Mark, i can understand that military people don't like Obama, considering that Obama probably don't think that making war is the solution. I think he's trying to avoid as much as possible to have a policy reactionary - and let's not forget that he promised to bring back homes from Iraq American troops, so he avoid to have to send them again. I really don't think that Obama is weak, i think he is certainly cautious, but to be cautious doesn't mean necessarily that you're weak. The situation in Syria now could become extremely explosive, and we could have a world war very quickly, specially now that the Russian are there. You need someone really smart and not reactionary in these kind of circumstances, and i, personally, think that Obama is the right guy for that.

Now, as i said, and as horrific that the attack was in San Bernardino, the best way to do is to stay rational. I've found for you a very interesting official PDF of the "2013 Mortality Multiple Cause" file. Have a look at it at the link below, it includes all numbers of death in 2013 ( sorry, i didn't found the one for 2014 ) for each cause of death. As you'll see i think there was 16000 or more homicide by guns that year in the U.S, and it's probably more or less the same for this year. In 2015 how many people were killed from a terrorist attack IN THE U.S? The 14 people at San Bernardino i think ( if i forgot others please let me know ). So you see what i mean, the chances to die from a terrorist attack is extremely low, so far. That's what i keep saying to everyone, don't be afraid as fear is the trap, look at the situation rationally, don't change anything at your way or life, don't give up even two inches of what you usually do or believe in, and you'll see that nothing bad will happen to you.

Here is the file:

Mark Taft said...

I have seen this chart before, Alain, but thanks for sharing it.

Regarding the military, let me say this. Those that I know who are serving feel a strong military presence prevents war, and they do not want to begin a war. They feel a strong military does not cause war- nor do they believe those in military leadership want to begin a war.
I am in agreement their perspective.

Evil is present in our world, no doubt. And we must be cautious and wise, but from what I can tell, President Obama is not wise and is only making things worse.

We will never know everything going on, that's for sure! ;)