December 3, 2015

Re-Introducing The Wiz' Elijah Kelley

Prediction time for The Wiz: Although the entire cast is extremely talented, and I totally love the jazz tinged albums by Queen Latifah, let me say here and now that the breakout star will be Elijah Kelley as the Scarecrow.  It's been a long battle, though.

Who can forget his unbelievable performance in the hilarious film Hairspray? Unfortunately most people seemed to be stuck on John Travolta's drag queen performance, Nikki  Blonsky's debut, or Michelle Pfeiffer's icy beauty queen, but it was Elijah who deserved to be noticed. 

Michael or Elijah? Or both?
If anyone can take on the iconic role by Michael Jackson and give it a different but powerful spin, Elijah can. Watch tonight's show and then come back and watch the video. I think you'll be impressed. Just ease on down the road. 

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