June 6, 2015

Josh Duggar Deserves to Die

Josh Duggar, reality television star of 19 and Counting, has come out and admitted that he inappropriately touched his sisters when he was a teenager. This alone is worthy of a scandal. But when the molester is a self-professed Christian and part of a large Baptist family, it is the kind of stuff tabloid writers dream about. It's even juicer when the man has worked for the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian lobby group. Now everyone gets to point to someone they can easily call a hypocrite.

I can only imagine the pain this caused, including his parents. How could they help their daughters? What could be done about their son? Short of losing a child, having one that is sexually taken advantage of has to be one of the most difficult experiences to parent through- aside perhaps, having a child who is the offender.

Josh Duggar deserves to die. He has probably wanted to, and perhaps his victims have processed the same kind of feelings. It is inexcusable. It's monstrous. It's human. Yes, I said it. The human condition is one of brokenness, one of evil, one of sin. You and I both are just as guilty as Josh of breaking God's law. Law given out of love to protect us and protect each other. Have you ever lied? Ever stolen something? Cheated? Are you a gossip? Do you slander folks? Have you ever disrespected your parents or even wished what someone else had was yours? Ever gotten drunk? Ever cheated on your spouse? How about the issue of lust and using another person? (Ever spoken against doing and saying these things but done them? Then you're a hypocrite too.) If so, welcome to the club we're all in. Reality is no Disney World. That's a fantasy. These offenses are against people and God Himself. All my family members belong to this same club as well. There's just about everything from a child molester to adulterers to drunks and thieves and more. 

It's easy to write off the Duggars as holier than thou because they speak about living a moral life that pleases God. But let's be honest- just because you know the truth doesn't mean you always choose to live it. I know I don't. And I would bet you don't either. Sometimes we are swept away by desire and do the wrong things. Some of us even make it a regular pattern in our life and try to justify it away. 

Truth is, in God's eyes we are all sinners and deserve death. But by God's goodness and His great Love for us, He chose to send Jesus to earth to die for the sins of all men- so that those who would choose to believe in Him, that he died and rose again, would not be destined to life in Hell forever, but would instead live with Him in Heaven for all eternity. God knew we couldn't pay the price on our own by being perfect, so He sent his Son because of his love- making it clear He is the only way to eternal life in Heaven. 

So, yes, Josh Duggar deserves to die for what He did. And so do you, and so do I.  Thank God, Jesus paid the price on our behalf- and through Him, we can all have a fresh start as well! You get to make the decision or not to follow Christ and walk life out following him, in spite of your sin, your life, your mistakes. Josh made his choice. I made mine. What is your choice?


Brian Porter said...

I wish Disney News Central would take you off their site. You seem to push your faith more than you take about Disney. I like Disney, but I don't like when you show conservatism. You information is always flawed as well. I will not be coming back to your site, but I thought I would tell you. Good luck.

Mark Taft said...

Brian, Sorry to hear you will no longer be reading. I think if you looked at the wealth of Disney posts versus those that talk about more important things like faith, you'd realize this is primarily a Disney site. Most Disney sites show an overwhelming dose of liberalism in contrast to this one. When I read other sites, I take what I want from the articles and discussion boards and leave off what I don't agree with. We all do that in life. I'm sorry to lose you, but I very much appreciate the respectful way in which you've handled yourself. May God bless you!