May 22, 2015

Original Disneyland Submarine Voyage Concept Art

Just a quick Friday post as we head into the weekend...

This piece of concept art for Disneyland's Submarine Voyage is found as part of a preview of coming attractions page at the back of a late 1950's souvenir guide. Although it's a bit faded, a little photoshop work brings the colors closer to its original shades.

I do enjoy what was done to save the subs from extinction- meaning that Finding Nemo overlay spearheaded by Imagineer Tony Baxter- but I'll be quick to confess that the original voyage through liquid space aboard the Nautilus was much more mysterious and engaging. Do any of you out there remember it? Hopefully, there will be more art on display at the Innoventions building soon...

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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