May 26, 2015

Disneyland's Only A Theme Park

Recently, I was helping my daughter and son-in-law plan their first trip to Disneyland. They are traveling during the 60th Anniversary and in, potentially, the busiest time of the year, Christmas aside. 

We discussed possible trip plans, the best ways for first time visitors to see the most they can. Indy first or Space Mountain? How to do Star Tours without much of a wait. When to ride Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. What if they don't want to arrive at opening or stay late at night? Fast Pass, single rider lines, the special Paint the Night parade, fireworks, best and worst restaurant options, etc. On and on.

And it hit me again: Disneyland is just a theme park- nothing more but nothing less than a slice of Americana now long gone, designed in a world where patriotism and pride in country was still important. In the big scope of things, compared to starving children, ongoing executions of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, tales of continued corporate greed and graft, and even more important things like what happens after life on this earth, it's only a theme park. It's an enjoyable diversion, a hobby, a sidebar to life, not life itself. It's good for me to have my views checked again and again, keeping things in perspective.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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