March 17, 2015

Pathetic and Disgusting

I just get sick to my stomach when I read about charlatans that bilk the unsuspecting faith community in the name of Jesus Christ. Here's another case. A different take on the Joel Osteen prosperity gospel that is such a bastardization of true Christianity.

"Pastor" Creflo Dollar (!) wants his congregation to pitch in and buy him a $65 Million jet. Let that sink in for a minute after you read this article. How many people could be fed and clothed? How many Bibles could be distributed in native languages to folks who have never heard of the Good News of Jesus Christ coming to die to pay the penalty for their sin? How much could be given to support the men and women and children that are trying to survive under regimes that kill them all in the name of their god?

No wonder atheists and humanists look at the church in disgust! But even this does not the away from the truth found only in Jesus Christ.

Want to see true Christianity in action? Read the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life on earth and then read the book of Acts which describes how believers lived after Jesus left the earth to return one day. That is real Christianity lived out. 

Real Christians exists everywhere and walking out the real faith in Christ happens all over the world. Yet it seems too much of the American church has blended the American success story and search for comfort above all with their faith, resulting in a faith that isn't true at all. Just another false gospel.

(Photo copyright Phil Skinner.)

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