February 20, 2015

Too Hot for the President- Linked to the Muslim Brotherhood?

This is serious stuff- and something to be looked at and thought through objectively by every American. Does President Obama have deep links to the radical Muslim Brotherhood? A quick read of this article may be worth your time. 

Think about this: Any reading of the Old or New Testament in any depth will show the LORD ALMIGHTY has always been faithful to His people Israel. He has allowed discipline because of his love when they wander. And of course, there has been great hatred and persecution and mass murdering of the Jews. But God Himself promises the nation Israel will prevail (and that includes followers of Jesus Christ). It's always smart to be on the side of where God throws His promises and support.

Have the people always treated others perfectly and are without sin? Of course not- neither you nor I are always perfect and without sin. Still, this life is temporary and eternity is truly forever. What happens to us is something we may not understand this side of heaven. In a world that is crumbling before our eyes, keeping them on God and His promises remains a wise thing to do.

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