February 10, 2015

Tokyo Disneyland's Carpenters Connection?

From a friend: Another great and very unique Tokyo Disneyland attraction poster, this time for the Tomorrowland stage named "Showbase". Sometimes, it has been followed by a year, such as "Showbase 2000" back in the early days of the park.

The vibrant colors and movement make this attraction poster very different from those before it or those that came after. In fact, I kept looking at it, as it reminded me of something I'd seen before. And then it hit me. Even though the execution is different, there are some similarities to this album cover:

Yes, this 1977 release, Passage, from Karen and Richard Carpenter had quite the adventurous cover that perfectly reflected the spectrum of music presented inside. Knowing that the Japanese tend to be die-hard Carpenters fans, I had to wonder if the similarities were intentional. A bit of tribute as it were. 

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company and A&M Records.)

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