February 21, 2015

A Taste of Epcot at California Adventure

Back in the early days of California Adventure 1.0, the park seemed to truly celebrate the beautiful cultural diversity of the state. Once the park began seeking for an audience (it had an identity), the California Food and Wine Festival came in, bringing with it a classy and warm presentation of some of the best aspects of the state's foodie culture.

When the suits saw a significant investment would have to be made and much of the park placed behind construction walls to do it, the Food and Wine Festival went away. 

Now that 2.0 is a great success, the park is slowly returning to its cultural presentations. Mouse Info has a great look at the celebration for the Lunar New Year. This festival, which is celebrated by various Asian cultures, brings an exciting taste of Epcot to California. Go right to the Mouse Info link to see the photos.

(Photograph copyright Mouse Info.)

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