November 28, 2014

Proposed DVC Expansion for Disneyland Resort?

With the smashing success of California Adventure 2.0 and Cars Land, it's no surprise that the Disneyland Resort is one hot property- and the Walt Disney Company is, once again,  finally realizing the resort's potential for future growth and profitability.

Prior to the remodel of Anaheim's second Disney park, it was well known in the company that Downtown Disney was the unqualified success of the expansion. Retail space is tight compared to that available in Florida, and so is space for additional hotels and Disney Vacation Club rooms.

What would additional construction look like? Well, here's a few renderings designed by one architect, Alex McCann. Has his firm been put to work by Disney? Probably not. Is he a fan of the resort, desiring to put his stamp on a cultural landmark. Probably. But take a glance at his detailed proposal here. It's worth a look!

(Art copyright Alex McCann.)

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