November 10, 2014

Key to the Kingdom

A couple of years back, my family arranged for a pretty special- and funny- birthday present.

After a very delicious breakfast at one of my favorite New Orleans styled cafes, we drove over to the Disney Store at the mall. One of my daughters, her husband, and then two kids, met us there. It was just before opening time.

Much to my surprise, a Disney cast member came out and announced a very special guest would be unlocking the magic this morning. I looked around and saw a dozen or so very cute little kids, fully expecting one of them to do something charming.

Wrong. It was me! They had arranged for me to be the guest of honor. Of course, my wife thoroughly enjoyed seeing me turn red faced as I walked forward when my name was announced. The payoff, however, was this little plastic key. Something I've kept in my desk drawer ever since. A little reminder of a family who loves me and loves to tease about my love for many things Disney.

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