November 4, 2014

Barry Manilow's Epic Fail

This has crossed the line. I tend to like some of Barry Manilow's 90's stuff, Swing Street comes to mind, but his recent Dream Duets is actually a nightmare.

The artists involved- everyone from Whitney Houston to John Denver to Marilyn Monroe are mere pawns in a corporate decision. The family members or companies that "manage" these departed artists need to give it up. The artists themselves may have varied in their decisions to participate or not. I hope for most, the answer was "No!" This project reeks of bad taste.

At least most all of Barbra Streisand's duets partners are still alive! And for as much as we fans of the Carpenters would like to hear more, be thankful that brother Richard Carpenter would never stoop to this type of exploitation of sister Karen Carpenter.

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