October 24, 2014

Wrong Move Ms. Mayor of Houston

It's time to get political. Seems Houston Texas Mayor, lesbian Annise Parker, (here with partner Kathy Hubbard), has it out to get Christian pastors in her city. Wanting or should I say, requiring, them to submit sermons that have to deal with her, homosexuality, or potentially, any other topic she may deem harmful.

I don't get it.

The debate about Christianity and the Bible is as old as time. Liberal thinkers say you cannot trust the Old Testament (but also ignore passages in the New Testament). Traditional believers of the Bible as God's inspired word say homosexuality and Christianity are not compatible. 

Yet, that's not the debate, really. Or the bigger problem.

It's First Amendment rights that are at stake. And Christians- and Christian pastors- have very right to express their religious beliefs as much as anyone else. Jew, Muslim, followers of any sect, religion or cult. Even those who choose no belief have a right to practice and speak what they believe. It's the American way.

Shame on her, and shame on those who voted for her. This agenda is hateful, anti-family, and bigoted at its core. Let's see the liberals in our country or the American Civil Liberties Union man up and come to the defense of these pastors. But the truth is, they couldn't care less when it doesn't match with their anti-faith agenda.


Jerome Aglacian said...

The First Amendment is NOT an excuse to discriminate against other people.

Mark Taft said...

Which is exactly what she is doing. I agree!