October 1, 2014

This Space Mountain Has It All

Anyway you view it, the Space Mountain attraction at Disneyland Paris is the entire package, the absolute best version of the attraction that the Disney Imagineers have ever built. This attraction poster is only a small piece of the thrills that await guests who decide to launch from the Paris space port.

It is not the double tracked high capacity ride found in Florida's Magic Kingdom. It is not the toon-ish looking attraction built at Hong Kong Disneyland, nor the smaller version built for California. 

It is the one and only Jules Verne themed ride. The one with inversions, the one with a spellbinding soundtrack, the one with the incredible exterior that will never be duplicated, the one that fits Discoveryland perfectly, the one that brought guests back to Disneyland Paris and could be said to have saved the Resort.

Mission One easily surpasses Mission Two, but there's no denying the beauty of this attraction as it sits within the most stunning take on Tomorrowland ever designed. Nestled up next to the gorgeous Nautilus sitting in a small lagoon.

This blog has many photographs and pieces of concept art focused on Space Mountain in Discoveryland. But, if you'd like to read an extended piece that showcases Space Mountains all over the world, well, this post has it all: Imagineer concept art, photographs, a history of the attraction and more. 

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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