September 4, 2014

Streisand and Buble Partner to Mixed Results

What began with incredible potential ends up with mixed results. Michael Buble is one of my favorite musical artists. When I'd heard he was teaming with Barbra Streisand on this old Frank Sinatra classic, I had a fair amount of hope for a great number. After all, who didn't love Sinatra's take on It Had to Be You when Billy Crystal realized he did love Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally?

Frank's subtle style worked perfectly. 

That same style works equally well when Ms. Streisand opens up the song. Truly, she hasn't sounded this good in a decade. Michael comes in softly to great effect. It seems a good pairing, right? It is until the song kicks into high gear with horns blaring and subtlety gives way to fanfare, including the now obligatory "I love you Barbra" moment. The song winds down, returning to the gentleness of the opening. 

This Partners-hip had a lot of potential, but it was lost due to a bombastic approach.  


Anonymous said...

That was Harry connick not buble on it had to be you

Mark Taft said...

I wrote it poorly. I was referring to Frank's version in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Are you looking forward to Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's jazz album collaboration, Cheek to Cheek? Gaga's jazz vocals do surprisingly great justice for the classics, especially for "Nature Boy" and "Lush Life."

Mark Taft said...

I'm really not a fan of either artist, but I do know it's hard to ruin a good American standard. ;)