May 31, 2014

Taking a Second Look

The last few weeks have been a rather difficult one for the Insights blog. Due to absolutely no fault at all of the Disney News Central site- and certainly all the fault of my own, my blog posts would not show up on the list. My friend Alain Littaye and I worked very hard to fix the problem. Thankfully, he figured it out, so I am back up to date! (Update: Problem is happening again!)

Here's a direct link to each post you may have missed, and there's some gems: concept art for unbuilt Epcot pavilions, the lost mountain of the Magic Kingdom, art for Disneyland's unbuilt Haunted Mansion on Main Street(!) and the most extensive history of Disney's Hollywood Studios I have ever seen- concept art, trip report (over the 25 years) and more.

Enjoy! And thanks for your patience!

Walt Disney World's Unbuilt Fire Mountain

Children in the Grass

The Problem with the Magic Kingdom

Seven Dwarf's Mine Train Game

Kodak Map of Disneyland

Shag-a-delic Fantasyland

Thank You Veterans!

Disneyland's Rocket Rods

Missing Whitney Houston

Somebody That I Used to Know

Disappointment Again

C'est Magnifique

Main Street's Haunted Mansion

Sizing Up The Voice

Odds and Ends: Disney and More

Tim Delaney and Shanghai Disneyland

America Sings Once Again

Brazil Showcase at Epcot

The United Kingdom Showcase That Never Was

The Story of the Teal Shoes

Rivers of Light to Flow at Animal Kingdom

25 Years of Disney's Hollywood Studios

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