May 20, 2014

Disappointment Again

Disappointment sets in again! One blow after another, and I just wonder what in the world is going on. When I don't let people off the hook by confronting them about their lies about me, somehow they become the victim. When I encourage people to hang in there, somehow I'm the one being idealistic, naive, or not acknowledging their feelings. When I "run away from it all" for an hour at the gym, I'm disappointed in myself. What in the world is going on? Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me that although people may fail me and I may fail myself, that you never give up on me and are always there. I know I can trust you in spite of what I see my circumstances to be. It's the living out of my life that shows my faith in you is not in vain. I've not always understood what you've allowed, but if I've given it all time, you have never been a disappointment to me. 

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