March 7, 2014

Insight and Sounds 6th Birthday

Six years- and after 1500 plus posts- my, what changes have taken place! Not only have their been many additions to our family in both children getting married and then having children of their own, there's been big career changes, personal challenges, and many blessings. And sometimes those challenges that are painful result in big blessings.

This blog has become something I never saw coming: a travel journal, a diary, a review of contemporary music and a look backwards at classic releases, and a running commentary on the state of the Walt Disney Company and its attractions, films, and changing philosophy.

Sure, the site is still filled with concept art of theme park attractions! I love that stuff! That will probably never change. 

I thought about providing a list of articles I really enjoyed writing, but then, I thought, as with many blogs I like, there's much fun in discovery! So, I'll just mention some, and let you have a bit of a treasure hunt. 

  • The multi-part series on the creation and evolution of Disney's Animal Kingdom.
  • A look at the music of Karen and Richard Carpenter, album by album.
  • Trip reports through Europe, full of photos- including a few trips to Disneyland Paris in various seasons.
  • The transformation of Disney's California Adventure- a multipart article on Disney's Bargain Basement Imagineering and the change in attitude and cash infusion to make it a must-see park. Concept art galore, updates on construction through the years, and multiple trip reports.
  • Book and television reviews (Downton Abbey is hot for a reason!)
  • Family photos over the years
  • Retro Epcot and Disneyland art and photos.
  • Disneyland Attraction Poster Series- a land by land look at posters with commentary.
  • Want perfect abs?
  • Loving Jesus and keeping life focused on Him.
  • And much more.
Thanks for reading all these years. And onward we go for however long it happens. Blessings!


Alain Littaye said...

Happy Birthday, Mark! How time goes fast... six years already! Congrats to Insights and Sounds!

Alain Littaye

Mark Taft said...

Thank you, Alain!