March 13, 2014

A Father's Prayer

There's few things as heartfelt to God as honest prayer. In reading through the Psalms today, particularly in the 20s chapters, I am struck by many things.

The older I get, the more aware I am of my need for Jesus! And I am also aware of how much He covers over my sin and remembers it no more. Why? Because I belong to Him, the gift of His blood sacrifice on the cross pays the penalty of death for me. I should see Hell for the wrong I've done, but instead I have an eternity with Him in heaven. Thank you, Lord.

The burdens on my heart are simple: I want all my children and grandchildren to know Jesus and follow Him. Not all of them do. They know about Him and what he has accomplished through his death and resurrection, but some as chosen to follow the ways of the world with a strange mix of largely secular thinking, humanism that relies on earthly "wisdom", and a small dose of Christian jargon tossed in when its needed. Little prayer except in crisis, random Bible if any, and little involvement in a fellowship of believers to strengthen what they say they believe. Between the time I write this and my death, that could all change. and I'm praying it does, for I have seen my Lord do miracles first hand. Miracles of all kinds.

On the other end of the age spectrum, I pray that my parents (including those of my wife) would finish their lives well, honoring God and continuing to chase after Him. I am beginning to see that it is easy to lose heart when you experience pain, loss, and suffering through many decades of living in this broken world.
I include myself in this kind of prayer. I can easily become embittered or hopeless as I look at the world around me. Yet, thankfully, I can see God at work if I look for Him.

Lastly, my prayer includes thankfulness. I do not deserve the gifts He has given me- including an eternal life with Him. For that and for so many other things, I pray He would always find me worthy to be used by Him for his purposes.

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