February 27, 2014

Ten Years and Deaf

Oftentimes, assumptions are easy to come by. People say or do things that, due to years of life experiences, lead us to come to the same conclusions as we have in the past in similar circumstances and events. Usually, its unfortunate. Sometimes, the results are startling.

Until recently, I have been frequenting the same gym for years. It was close to my office, had the equipment I needed, and most of all, it was cheap. A good combination. 

Over time, I came to know several of the regulars there. One man in particular, I had several interactions with. He was nice, a bit shy, and even quiet. We'd greet, smile, talk briefly, and move on. 

Then, one day I discovered why it there was so little conversation. He was speaking to a mutual friend, and I discovered this man was 100% totally deaf! I was shocked. He had been reading my lips and answering my questions or greeting perfectly well- if with few words.

There was a lesson there for me- things and people are not always what they seem. Like almost all of us, I'd guess, my hearing impaired friend become adept at compensating for a real loss. Very well, actually. We all do it at times, some of us most of the time. There was another lesson: we do not have to be limited by our difficulties or by our poor choices. We can move on and not live as victims, but instead live as victors- especially those of us who follow Jesus, the Greatest Victor of All Time. Gotta remind myself of that more often!

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