February 22, 2014

Stale Maps, Stale Parks

Just for fun I ordered my free Walt Disney World park maps. When the arrived in the mail today, I was looking forward to opening them up, thinking about my last visit and wondering if I'd be prompted to plan another. The answer was no. 

The retro style art was well done, the images of various attractions and the layout of each park echoed the great Disneyland maps of the past. But there wasn't a single depiction if any new attraction or area, New Fantasyland included (No Seven Dwarves Mine Train Coaster shown, by the way), that made me sit up and take notice. Then it hit me, the maps felt like each park. Muted, empty, and without life. Nothing to be found exciting, new, cutting edge, must see. Looks like my next Disney park visit with be California. 

(Art copyright The walt Disney Company.)

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