February 10, 2014

New Shanghai Disneyland Art

Cruising other Disney blogs and sites can bring big rewards! Are you as curious about Shanghai Disneyland as I am? If so, on the MiceAge/MiceChat boards, poster Randy Savage has uncovered a potential new piece of concept art for the Pirates of the Caribbean themed area. He found it on a page labeled "This is Mr. B." A quick look at this image, enhanced a bit by me, shows a plan that matches what readers have been told: a battle of ships behind a Caribbean town, an island for exploration, and a brand new revamped version of a Disney classic. This time, unlike Tokyo Disneyland or Disneyland Paris, this version of the iconic attraction is not from Imagineer Marc Davis' version but movie inspired and stars Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow, from the beginning. Ahoy, Mateys!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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