July 15, 2013

Thoughts from Dear Old Dad

So many random and crazy thoughts going through my head as I read the headlines and on line conversation boards! 

Let's start with Cory Monteith from Glee. It wasn't a show I saw more than once or twice, but here's a guy who from most accounts had everything- looks, talent, charm, friends, success, and money. But all the things the world offers couldn't take the edge off his drive for living on the edge. And this time, he lost. Very sad. I hope his death helps someone else find help with their addictions.

Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman. Clearly, the race / justice tensions are bound to continue anew now. Black kid, Hispanic man. Guns, fear, violence, tension. The world and the human race continues its downward spiral.

Lest you think all I do is bemoan the state of the human race, I also bemoan the state of other aspects of life! 

Yes, Monsters University will probably outdo The Lone Ranger in the United States. Big loss- enough money to feed a small nation for years. 

My family continues to be a blessing. With my sister recently in town and my kids raising their own kids (with three more on the way), it's clear I'm a pretty blessed man. Besides, my wife is well worth her weight in gold.

The State of Disney's American Parks and D23.  Now that California Adventure mostly rocks, and Disneyland is in tip top shape, isn't it time for Walt Disney World to see some serious upgrades? And not just to compete with Universal Orlando in the ongoing battle! (Psst. Disney's losing, by the way. The edge now belongs to the newcomer who has come out swinging for years now and their Royal Pacific Hotel is tons less than Disney's Polynesian Resort. I know. I looked at the rates for our next trip. Sorry, Disney.)

Let's be honest: Epcot is traveling full speed ahead to become the World's most beautiful shopping and dining center; Animal Kingdom has de-evolved into just a zoo; and Disney's Hollywood Studios makes California Adventure sparkle in comparison. Only the perennial favorite, the Magic Kingdom seems slightly fresh thanks to a New Fantasyland environment (but not the new attractions). The bright spot? The competition for the dollar might bring on a slew of new and first class attractions worldwide.

The Political environment: more of the same. And under President Obama, we continue to move backwards in about every area. How's that change working for you? It's not for me.

A rant? A rave? Absolutely. It's time we stopped taking it on the chin and start fighting back. It starts by looking within and realizing we need help. We mouth the words that we belong to a higher power but our lives show much too little of His influence. Mine included. Please, God, let that change!

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