July 30, 2013

Messing with My Mind

Dang you, David Platt! I say this all mostly tongue in cheek, but truth be known, this book, Radical:Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream, is putting me in my place. That is, on my knees! 

As a Christian, I have always tried to live out my faith in a way that pleases God as well as stays true to what the Bible says. Sometimes in our culture, it makes for uncomfortable bedfellows! But David Platt, much like Francis Chan (Crazy Love) before him, challenges those who say they love Jesus to live like His Disciples did. You know, the original Twelve- and I do not mean Judas! 

Watching so many churches fall prey to current trends, post-modern "Christianity" and others to the false prosperity gospel, it saddens me to think believers in our nation may be headed down the wrong road. Please God, turn my heart right toward you.

Here's the challenge for all you out there that desire to follow Jesus: take the time to read this book, and then write back. I'd love to hear your thoughts as you carefully process Platt's incredibly inflammatory words.

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