July 26, 2013

Imagination Revitalized

"A dream can be a dream come true..."  

With D23 just around the corner, and the web ablaze with rumors, I am holding on to just the tiniest little spark of hope that the Imagination pavilion could be revitalized. In its original Tony Baxter led incarnation, Figment and Dreamfinder took us into a world of wonder, charm, and discovery. For me, at one small level, Journey into Imagination set the foundation for everything else to be discovered at Disney World's second park. It held the promise of a warm and friendly future, one where friendship and caring replaced corporate profits and leveraged takeovers.

Here's to hoping all those internet rumors are true! Wouldn't it be just wonderful if Imagination returned to its status as a must-see attraction? Future World just needs that touch of magic, and Epcot needs it as well. What Epcot also needs in Future World is a new attraction that lasts more than 5 minutes...

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.) 

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