May 13, 2013

Modern Day Monster

Regardless of your view of abortion, there is no justifying the monstrous acts of Dr. Kermit Goshnell. This modern day monster murdered children post delivery. Post delivery!?! Is there any other word for this than murder? No, but some- not all- pro-choice believers will make excuses for his actions because they have "no choice" but to defend a position so strongly defended and held even if it is wrong. 

Are unplanned pregnancies a problem? Yes- and I know them well- they've impacted my family more than once. Is the solution murder of innocent children? Absolutely not. Whether or not well meaning people adopt unwanted children does not make others' pro abortion beliefs and the murder of innocent children acceptable to God. Any way you view it, it's a straw man argument to try to justify it. 

(Photograph by Yong Kim AP)

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