May 28, 2013

Before Tom Sawyer Island Went PC

If memory serves me correctly, that settler's cabin on Tom Sawyer Island used to really burn. Of course it did! I've seen it myself for years. 

This image, a small piece of Imagineering concept art for Disneyland, comes from a Preview of Coming Attractions circa 1963- years before Pirates of the Caribbean and decades before these pirates would invade the island. 

Is the remodel well done? Yes, for what it is. Did they destroy yet another piece of Frontierland by taking down even more vegetation for a pirates inspired show? Yes- and it makes the waterfront piece of property less mysterious and more civilized. Honestly, I liked it better more rustic and inviting. There are so few true Frontierland experiences left in the park. So long Mike Fink Keelboats as well. Thank God the suits haven't touched the Sailing Ship Columbia and the Mark Twain Steamboat.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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