March 18, 2013

Downton Disney

Everyone is in a stir these days when the subject of Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney rises to the surface. Many, myself included, are disappointed if not outright angry that the suits closed Adventurer's Club and other favorite hotspots that were part of Pleasure Island

Others are frustrated by the tossing aside of Hyperion Wharf and it proposed waterfront area. Perhaps the eldest of Disney fans remember the Village Marketplace and miss the quaint and quiet atmosphere.

Disney Springs is here, but I think I have a plan to make many folks happy.

How about a total revision of the place and dub it Downton Disney? With apologies to the writers, producer, and actors of Downton Abbey, can't you just see an Epcot styled village populated with shops and restaurants from the early 1900s? Wouldn't you just love to bump into your favorite PBS series characters? Just watch out for O'Brien in that back alley! You know she's not up to anything good.

(Photograph from Trip Advisor.)

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