December 3, 2012

An Opportunity for Chris Powell

David Smith is a name you may not remember. But the "650 lb. Virgin" is one you've probably heard of before and never forgot. 

Years back, this young man worked with trainer Chris Powell long before he starred in Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Together, they saw David trim himself down by 400 or so pounds. Their productive partnership resulted in David working for Chris, and they shared their success story in every media outlet available to them.

All that hard work and discipline paid off very handsomely- and it built a bond of friendship between the two men that would seem to last a lifetime. Apparently, it hasn't. Sadly, there's been some sort of rift.

Chris is now married with a wife and family. He's also authored a book, "Choose to Lose" which will be published this month. You can't help but be pleased for the guy. He's worked hard, and it has paid off.

As for David, he has regained the weight and is struggling again. Wouldn't it be cool for the two men to reunite and work together? Of course, the friendship between the guys is their own business, but I am all for another success story- reshape the nation and reshape a friendship.

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