August 31, 2012

What's New, Linda?

Linda Ronstadt made the 70's rock. There was a season where everything she touched turned to sales gold, and I was busy listening to everything she decided to record. The songs were catchy, the musicians knew how to make it rock, and the girl was just darn cute! Then a little tune named Blue Bayou came along, and I finally heard what an absolutely incredible voice Linda had. 

That sense of awe only increased with the release of What's New? a collection of classic American songs recorded with the great Nelson Riddle. I was mitten all over again. I remembered hearing "I Can Dream Can't I?" by the Carpenters on their 1975 album Horizon. The style, the feel, the mood of the song- and of course the stunning voice of the one and only Karen Carpenter- made it an instant favorite. At that point, I began investigating the 40s and found myself thrilled with the artistry of that decade. Upon hearing Linda sing these same tunes, I knew the album would be an artistic smash- and it was.

Please come back, Linda. The world needs a bit more of you. Tell me its not just a simple dream.

It's been awhile, Linda, and I miss listening to something fresh from you.

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