May 17, 2012

Wandering is Over for Donna

Donna Summer is dead, and many in the music world are mourning- including me. I did not love everything she recorded, especially in the early years when those audio orgasms punctuated her "Love to Love You Baby", but I had to admit she was pretty catchy when her "I Feel Love" brought Euro/Pop/Disco to the forefront. It was mesmerizing. A couple of years later, her remake of "MacArthur Park" was so good, I had to buy it.

In the early 80's the announcement that Donna had become a born-again Christian made me take greater notice. There was a change in her approach and style as well, and her gay fans seemed angry about it. Disco was dying, and Donna moved on temporarily to New Wave-ish sounds, R&B, Rock, and other styles. Some folks pronounced her dead on the charts, but it was clear she could conquer any style. Few had as powerful a voice, and even fewer her self-mocking charm. 

After a few years of quiet, "This Time I Know It's For Real" couldn't be resisted by pop radio, and Donna had one of her biggest hits in years. Then things got quiet again.

Her autobiography, Ordinary Girl: The Journey, detailed a powerful encounter with the Living God that forever changed her life. She knew her sin and recognized Jesus Christ as the only one who could pay for it. After that, not much else mattered, and it seemed this far from ordinary girl was a wanderer no longer. Rest in Peace with your Lord Jesus Christ, Donna. You finished well.

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