May 24, 2012

Another White Guy With Guitar

Yes, Phillip Phillips has won season eleven of American Idol. Before another person shouts "White Guy With Guitar", I'd like to toss in some thoughts that should cause folks to stop and think.

The guys has talent. Real talent. At times, his voice reminds me of a young Sting, at other times, Jack Johnson. For once, his "star" match in the finale was spot on: John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival fame sounded great, but it was Phillip's strong but subtle voice that showed he was on par with the superstars before him. Both their duets revealed Phillip could add his own flare and still honor the original artist and style. 

He's 21 and has a lot of growing to do, but he seems to know who he is. Solid style. Honest approach to music. Phillip's humility will serve him well as he learns from those around him. (Was this the unintended by-product of living with his double name? And does it really matter? Not in the least. Grow up, Jim Carrey.) His guitar playing skills will strengthen. Phillip has a camera ready smile that will make photographers happy when they cover his concerts. All in all, it's pure and real music from a real, authentic artist. He'll be around longer than some hope.

This is all much better than a million other Rihanna wannabes or Lady Gaga followers or flash in the pan carnival acts like LMFAO. Take away the light show and raunchy poses and lyrics from these "artists", and what do you have? Nothing that appealing. They pander to the lowest common denominator.

Jessica Sanchez may be the real deal as well. Her voice is amazing. I am a big fan, and I cannot wait to see what she turns out on her first album. Comparisons to Whitney Houston may be too early, and Jessica needs to reveal whether she wants to be great or settle for trendiness like the above mentioned women. Hopefully, she and her producers will realize the gift of her voice and let it soar above instantly dated arrangements and material. Handled correctly, Jessica will also mature into a timeless artist.

So, give Phillip Phillips a break (Jessica, too). Enough with the beefs about American Idol being a white artists man's show. It's a cheap and easy cop out.

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