February 15, 2012

The Giving Tree Gives Again and Again

This beautiful old book just kills me. Shel Siverstein's wonderful "The Giving Tree" tells a tale of love and friendship over the years between a young tree and a young boy. As a grandfather of three, and soon of two more, I read it with a tenderness I didn't understand when I was younger.

The possibility of a miracle aside, one of my new grandsons will be born with Dandy Walker Syndrome, and will probably deal with much difficulty in the simple things in life, things we never think of or take for granted. Much to their credit, my daughter and son-in-law refused an abortion, believing every life has value and a plan. A book like The Giving Tree reminds me the delights of life can be found in the simplest things, the little joys. A good reminder to be thankful for all the good we find in life.

Give Shel's book a read- with a box of tissues handy.

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