September 14, 2011

Think Big

A very wise friend of mine has the following quote on his Skype page: "You have to think anyway, so why not think big?" 

Brilliant! Wouldn't you just love to write this to those in charge of the Walt Disney Company and remind them that it is thinking like this that made Walt Disney a great man, one who changed the world?

Whether its the new Fantasyland or the original execution of California Adventure, wouldn't it be much better if "thinking big"replaced thinking of money?! Let's be honest here, it is not just corporate America or big business or even politicians that think small- we do it all the time as well.

What would happen if you started to think big? Just imagine the possibilities! Really- stop and think. You could be someone who changes the world, or just your world, for the better. All it takes is one little spark of inspiration.

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