August 14, 2010

Obama and the Mosque

President Obama continues to show how out of touch he is with the American people. What a disappointment he has turned out to be!

Yes, I am for freedom of religion- but placing a mosque near Ground Zero shows incredible ignorance and insensitivity. Akin to a pro-Nazi monument next to Auschwitz, a pro Pol Pot monument next to Cambodia's government buildings, or a host of other possibilities where the triumph of evil is celebrated next to sites of great human loss.

Our president is becoming a fool right in front of the very eyes of his people. This emperor is showing his lack of clothes.

(NOTE: For an admittedly better explanation of what I was trying to say, please read the comments.)


Anonymous said...

This is such a ridiculous article. It shows how much you are out of touch. first of all Obama is not the one who was placing a Mosque near ground zero. As a matter of fact Obama has nothing to do with it.

I am proud to call Obama the President of the United States. He has done much good for the U.S.

Furthermore I have much respect for those of all religions including Muslims.

Mark Taft said...

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