May 20, 2010

Lufthansa Film Festival

One of my favorite pleasures about flying is the journey itself. I just love takeoff, the food (really!), the solitude, and the chance to catch on on films I have missed over the year. This lengthy trip via Lufthansa offered quite a bit of time to catch up! So, here in no particular order, are mini-reviews of my on board screenings:

Avatar: Visually stunning even on the small screen. Creative idea but not Oscar worthy in any acting category.

It's Complicated: Meryl Streep plays another heroine in Nancy Meyer's fantasy film for every older woman ever left behind for a younger hottie. Not nearly as clever as What Women Want or even The Holiday, but an enjoyable way to pass the time. Alec Baldwin is well cast in a slimey way, with Steve Martin being the man you root for.

Up in the Air: I'll admit a bit of prejudice- I don't like George Clooney and his smug "I'm better looking and smarter than you" demeanor. But, dang it, he is excellent in this film. His corporate ax man learns to grow up- but it's his co-star Vera Farmiga who steals the film as someone who plays his game much better than he. This is a thinking man's film every businessman should see.

Leap Year: Once I got past the reality that male lead Matthew Goode closely resembles one of my Caribou Coffee barista's, I really enjoyed this flick for what it is- a fresh, sharp witted take on the old classic romantic comedy. Amy Adams does a fine job and is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses. Coq au vin, anyone?

The Young Victoria: Honestly, British period films are not my cup of tea- pardon the pun. That said, the beautiful Emily Blunt made this movie watchable and likeable. Quite an accomplishment.

Can't wait for another Lufthansa flight to enjoy the service!

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