December 15, 2009

Power of the Tongue

Bite your tongue! Watch your mouth! Swallow your words!

Boy, am I doing a bad job of this lately. By any chance are you with me?

I am getting so fed up with the petty lies and gossip around me that I am ready to burst. But I am already leaking a bit as I watch the words come out of my mouth when under duress. Oh Lord, help me that my words would gloify you instead of reveal my short-temperedness.

Give me your grace under stress.

May I choose to praise you and build up those around me when I would rather tear them down.

May my words be those of prayer versus those of defense to those who wound me and my family. And most of all, may my mouth speak words of forgiveness- just like Jesus forgives me when I fail. After all, forgiveness for all of us and where we sin was the content of his very last words when dying on the cross.

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