August 26, 2009

Sorry, Whitney

Short and sweet: It's officially the end of the line for my Whitney Houston CD collection.

I've just heard her album in streaming audio on the official website- and it is a major disappointment. While "I Look to You" starts off promisingly with the upbeat "Million Dollar Bill", it is the chorus and production that carries the song. For someone like me who is a fan of her singing, this is very telling. Sadly, it is painfully clear that Whitney has burned out what was once a beautiful voice and now must rely on studio tricks and producers who can maneuver around her voice as opposed to highlighting it.

The production, arrangements, and the studio sparkle are all there, but the poor woman sounds tired and working too hard for a hit. In her own words, "It's Not Right But It's Ok". Her desperate bid to sound contemporary dillutes what made her unique. The ending result is lackluster package.

What should have been a showstopping personal ballad, "A Song for You" instead becomes a mixed genre piece of recording, with Whitney having a very hard time remembering something called melody in the midst of a disco beat. Leon Russell wrote this gorgeous song and after many, many covers, no one yet sings it like Karen Carpenter did 37 years ago!

Heavy marketing and retouched photos will make this disc a sure fire hit, but it isn't deserved. Her best recording days are behind her. Sorry, Whitney. I really am.

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