August 8, 2009

Bon Appetit!

Now added to my list of good films that love food and family: Julie and Julia.

Nora Ephron's films tend to be too sweet for my taste. I can barely watch You've Got Mail now as my wife still gets into it- but Nora's latest movie is surprisingly filled with sharp dialogue, a simple story done up with a twist, and cinematography of both locale and creation to make a grown man book the next flight to Paris.

Amy Adams is perfectly terrific, but it is Meryl Streep's spot on recreation of Julia Child that keeps the movie grounded. Whatever you think of the famous chef, this portrayal will convince you there was much more to the woman than what she could do in the kitchen. It certainly is a chick flick but not a kid's film. After viewing this creation, I can guarantee you'll never view a particular type of pasta or the chef in the same old way. Two hours well spent.

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