June 25, 2009

Real Life vs. Reel Life

I had a startling revelation this morning. Due to my extensive trip to Asia, I watched no television except at the airport between flights, and I did not miss it at all! Instead of advertisements for Walt Disney World, cars I couldn't afford, and the unfortunate multitude of pharmaceuticals, I focused on real life: my family, the people I love, and my relationship with God. What a refreshing time! Now that I am home, I hope I remember this season and stay focused on what is really important. Feel free to challenge me on that, won't you?


Anonymous said...

I more than agree with you. TV (as it is now) is simply not useful, not to say dangerous.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Bravo! I haven't watch TV in at least a month and I don't miss it one bit either! I get a little news & info from the web, but its only a fraction of the time I used to spend watching TV. There are so many other things to focus on like you said. I am thinking of canceling the Cable TV and just using the new digital broadcast for free. Btw, Welcome back, I'm glad you had a safe and pleasant trip.