May 18, 2009

Things I Don't Understand

Time for a rant!

I just don't get some things- and I want to blow off some steam. If you want happy, come back tomorrow! :)

(Please do...) Here goes...

Why don't folks get that their choices and actions affect everyone else around them?! There's no living in a vacuum whether its caring for the planet, loving your neighbor, or being responsible and having integrity. Do what you say you'll do! Grow up and be responsible for how you choose to live!

Manners? Have they disappeared?! Too many scenes of people running past older folks who need a little extra help. Too many visits to quiet restaurants and libraries ruined by loud foul mouths and the need to drop the "F Bomb" just because they can. Show some class and quit acting like you're on MTV.

Double standards- really gets me mad. Hold our politicians to the same standard regardless of your party affiliation or interests. Is speech free or not? Don't be politically correct- call it like it is. People are wise enough (mostly) to see through crap when they hear it. Gentle honesty is refreshing.

Stop living like the victim. We all get hurt, some of us really bad. I know, I've been there. Yet, we are all responsible for how we choose to live regardless. Is it a scar or is it a reminder of what you've survived that will make you better and give you some compassion and understanding for someone else? Choose better over bitter.

Can we agree to disagree? Let's try to be friends in spite of our differences. It's really not that hard. Jesus chose to love everyone and didn't agree with all that was done around him. He laid the standard out and the route to forgiveness. Can we offer some forgiveness to each other please?

Throw away relationships- the last rant. I do not really care whether it is marriage or friendship or something in between and different. People are precious to God and to toss folks to and fro for the next best thing out there devalues them. And it cheapens us as well. Love and commitment means working together through the tough times.

God forgive me for all the ways I fall short! You know that I am no better. There- I'm done. Back to happy tomorrow.

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